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Would you like Cowboy Chops with a longer bone? I can do thatToday is Pig Day, me and a few friends will butcher the hogs we've raised all summer. Thought I'd push my butchering skills to the front page. Watch for new photos and recipes featuring farm fresh pork. In the meantime enjoy the photos of pork chops and bacon -Gerry

Custom gourmet meat processing on your site by a highly skilled professional meat cutter and chef. This is not your "how many chops? how many steaks? what kind of sausage?" processing. I specialize in pork, lamb and venison. I am very good with poultry, if you have a lot of birds, 40 or so, it's worth it to give me a shout.

I custom cut and guide you to the most economical and versatile cuts from your animal. Your yield will be higher and the portions will be sized for your family. My emphasis is on your needs. I can give you more lean stew meat or more sausage, your choice. The loin can be cut and tied into a larger roast for a hoilday or into thick chops. The hindquarter is the biggest source of lean meat and  is so much more than a whole or half ham. What could be more satisfing than making and smoking your own bacon for family and friends?

If you are not interested in curing and smoking your own bacon I recommend you contact VT Smoke & Cure at 476-4666. They will do hams, bacon and a real nice job.

local lamb ready to get wrapped, no bones!

Here is what I can do for you

  • your animal will be treated with respect
  • professional cutting and wrapping of your pig, lamb or poultry
  • grinding and seasoning of sausage
  • recipes and on site advice so you can make your own bacon and hams, my spicy tasso is a great ham for beginners, easy and addictive
  • arrange for the rental of a home style Bradley Smoker
  • recipes for making the most of your bones, fat and offal

Here is what you need to do

  • live pretty close to the Mad River Valley, I hate to drive and will have to charge you for my travel time
  • arrange for slaughter and proper cooling of animal carcass in accordance with all local, state and federal law (there's not many and most are common sense)
  • arrange for a proper place to process the animal that is out of the elements. A garage or shed works well. If there is no precipitation a level piece of ground works well (not in direct sunlight)
  • you should be here while I cut so you can see and decide what to do, don't worry I'll help you with decisions.
  • have access to an electrical outlet
  • potable water, a garden hose works best
  • have your freezer or refrigerator all set for the bounty

homegrown & homemade bacon, you can do it!

What's the cost?

  • $40.00 per day plus 75.00 per side for pork, 85.00 per animal for lamb & venison.
  • chickens, ducks and turkeys on an individual basis
  • flexible rates for flexible people
  • smoker rental is $50.00 & includes the chips and recipes so you can smoke around 50 lb of meat

nice Boston butt split and ready to tieI'm convinced now what?

  • contact me, I have a full time job so plan ahead, way ahead is way better