Aga Heat Retention Cookers are true convection cookers. They have multiple cast iron ovens set at different temperatures and two flat cook tops. One is very, very hot and the other is a gentle simmer plate you can cook pancakes or tortillas on.

Nothing cooks like an Aga. It is one of the iconic designs of the last 100 years. Aga owners are as passionate as red Sox or Cubs fans about their cookers. That little dog in the picture is not mine. Whenever he comes to visit he always lays down in front of the Aga. My dog is the only annimal in the history of animals who doesn't want to lay in front of the warm stove

I have "aga-fied" many of my recipes for my fellow Aga owners. Look under the "All Things Aga" heading on the left hand side. Or click here, whichever's easier.

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