Season Your Food

We talk all the time about seasoning your food. What is "seasoning"? It's really a euphemism for salt. Not pepper, that's a spice. How do you make your food taste good and not send your blood pressure thru the roof? Here's the trick. You need to season your food as you cook, not just at the end of the dish. Let's look at the Corn & Crab Chowder recipe. You should season the onions and celery, salt the water when boiling potatoes and season the corn. The flavors will stand out. It will keep you from needing more total salt to season the soup.

Another technique is to use something acidic. Look at the Butternut Squash recipe . The lemon juice brings out the natural sweetness and reduces the amount of salt needed.

Use sea salt, use kosher salt, do not use iodized table salt.

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