Bagel Chips Aga Style

What do bagels, olives and cigars have in common? Bad ones are really bad and good ones are oh so good. I didn't like olives, I thought they tasted like a can. Metallic, bitter with a rubbery texture. Then I tasted oil cured olives with a salty bite and soft leather touch. I  love good olives, hate bad olives.  I know hate is a strong word but I'll use it anyway.

When I do score some really good bagels I eat them fast but sometimes supply exceeds demand. I could freeze them but then I'm back to bad bagels. When that happens I just leave them on the counter a day or two to remind me of what I missed out on. Like a picture of an old girlfriend you keep for a while. Then I turn them into bagel chips. It's pretty simple if you've kept up with your knife skills. The bagel chef already added seasoning you just need to slice them pretty thin and toast nice and slow so they dry out and crisp up.

If you have an Aga you're golden, the Simmer Oven is perfect. Mortal oven owners will need to put away a few more dollars into their Aga Fund and then preheat their oven to 250. A few healthy glugs of olive oil and fine sea salt and we are ready to go. Here is how it went down in the Aga Kitchen

Bagel Chips  pre heat oven to 250

  • old bagels, as many as you have, sliced very thin, about the width dime but no bigger than the width of a nickel. Cut the bagel into a smiley face (in half) and put the cut side down for easier slicing. I get about 10 slices out of a half bagel
  • a sheet pan with a nice coating of olive oil sprinkled liberally with sea salt. I use a brush to reach every corner

Lay the sliced bagels on the pan pressing down a bit so they get as much contact with the oil as possible. Fit as many on the pan as possible, use as many pans as needed

Drizzle a little more oil over the top of the chips.

Bake at 250 for 30 minutes. Check after 20 minutes to see how they are doing. Every oven is different. If they are curling a little thats OK. After the 30 minutes flip over and bake an addtional 10 minutes.

Aga Owners bake in Simmer Oven for 30 minutes on lowest rung, flip over and into Roasting Oven for 2 minutes near the top.

Remove and let cool completly than into an airtight container, these will keep for a few weeks. Bagel chips from the store:expensive. Homemade bagels chips: ?  If you know the answer let me know and I'll send you a shiny nickel.

Cook like you mean it, Peace, Gerry