Crepes Aga Style

How about some really, really thin pancakes without a fancy pan or special technique only the French can master? With your Simmer Plate some bak-o-glide and an offset spatula you are in the game.

Crepes are versatile. Cheese filled manicotti with tomato sauce, apples with caramel or chicken and pancetta stew can be encased in a crepe. You can add herbs like parsley, spice with a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon or heat things up with cayenne pepper.

A good basic crepe will be see thru thin and a little caramelized on the surface. Use an appropriate sized ladle and make a circle with the batter as you lay it down. Using your offset spatula and working quickly spread the batter out as thin as you can in a circle. A 4 oz ladle works well for savory crepes, 2 oz for sweeties. The crepe will set up in 20 seconds or so and only need another 10 seconds to finish once you flip it over. Be sure to have a place set up to lay them out to cool. I use my granite counter top. They will cool in a minute or so. Then you can layout with a piece of parchment between them. You can make up to 24 hours ahead of time and freeze well. But they are so easy it's best to make them fresh and freeze any leftovers for another use.

Crepe makes around 8, more if you make petite crepe

  • 2 cups AP flour,measured then sifted
  • 3 eggs, fresh, local, organic, free range, union eggs
  • 2 cups whole milk. Since we use 2% at my house I used 1 1/2 cups milk and 1/2 cup half & half
  • knob of butter melted
  • good pinch of salt and smidgen of cayenne pepper

Mix it all up and let it rest. At least an hour, overnite is fine. If you fail at letting it rest your crepes will fail. They will be lumpy, tough and fall apart

Lay bak-o-glide or silpat on Simmer Plate, spray with a touch of pan spray or brush with melted butter. Ladle batter in a circular motion about 7" in diameter. Working quickly use an offset spatula to spread the batter as thin as possible. This may take a little trial and error. Be patient with yourself.

Cook for 20 seconds or until you see the edges set up and a little color develop. Flip and cook another 10 seconds. Let cool and repeat with remaining batter

Thanks for reading to the bottom

Cook like you mean it, G