'Tis the Season

We are having a holiday party. 80 or so of our closest friends will stop by this Sunday for our Soup & Sweeties Party. This is our son's second deployment over the holidays and we throw a party. It's a nice distraction for us. Seeing so many friends adds to the sense of community that helps us get through a difficult time. Hopefully Sgt Nooney will be heading out of Afgannyland by the end of January.

Here is a before photo. We will follow up some after photos. I'm very excited about the big ham up front. Cider brined and cured for three weeks, smoked and then simmered. The pork is from one of the nicest pigs I butchered this Fall. The woman who owned the pigs raised them with great care and it was a joy to fabricate them for her. After I made a large boneless ham for her I commented on how nice it was. Her reply, " Why don't you make one for yourself?". No need to ask me twice. Thanks Robin!

Another holiday test for the Aga. I'm sure it will pass with flying colors.

Here's the menu,

Local Organic Cider Cured Ham

Vermont Farmhouse Chowder

Onion Soup Fondue

Baked Brie & Cider Marmalade

Hummus & Homemade Flour Tortillas  pickled hot peppers from my CSA share

Romaine Hearts & Caesar Dip

Something using either my local beef or lamb, negi maki? not sure.

More Cookies and Sweeties than you can shake a stick at. I hear the Byrnes will be bringing their truffles and my friend Michelle is a seriously skilled professional pastry chef. No pressure Michelle

Stay tuned for the follow up.

Peace, G