'Tis the Season Follow up

Abigail made some nice pig cookies dubbed H1N1 cookies by our coat checker Nick

Over 90 friends managed to find parking for their cars and came over to visit. The big ham I made was rock solid and enjoyed by all. Wouldn't be much of a cook if I didn't want to tweak it a little. Just a bit more smoke and a slightly longer cure.

Our Valley's pig contingency had a strong showing with much talk of bigger & better next year. There is no going back after raising your own meat. Tom is looking at a big sausage stuffer, Randy has a new smoker and Abigail is thinking about a bigger herd this year at her place. One of the best parts of the whole Pigskin Butcher thing is spending time with people. After a few days of working towards a common goal you really start to know someone. New friends,yay!

Kitchen island was full of food and drink. From left to right we have Jack, Marty (gold star for clean up detail), Mitch, Chris, Sofia, me and Charlie. We ended up with some cool truffles from pro's and enthusiasts. Carrot soup was sweet and creamy. Wine flowed like....wine.

Funny how things come together. I planned on a ground beef dish and ended up using some Afgannyland saffron and Vietnamese cinnamon. I got both from some adventurous world traveling friends. I called the dish my Great Military Blunder Burrito in honor of the spices. I just can't wash the hippie out of me no matter how hard I try.

 one of the many still lifes in our home