Scalloped Potatoes


 St Patty's must be around the corner with all these potato recipes

This is another one of those plan ahead dishes. I hate those. I just want to come home and cook. Try this instead, it's what all the fancy pro cooks do. After dinner tonite and  before you settle in for the new season of DWTS's make these and have them later in the week. Chefs are always prepping tomorrows food today. No reason you can't too.  Bingo.

You will need one of those fancy Japenese mandolins. Don't try this without it. Even I cannot get the potatoes thin enough without one and I have mad knive skills. These are a lot lighter than the creamy cheesy scalloped potatoes but still pack a ton of flavor without all the dairy. Don't get me wrong I still use it. Vermont is a dairy state. I used a 3 pack of disposable, sorry recyclable, aluminum pans that will fit inside of each other. If you have identical roasting pans that will work too. The 8" square ones make 8 portions. It looks like all the product won't fit in the pan, it will.

Try 'em, you'll like 'em and they freeze pretty well

ready for the oven                                          all lined up ready to reheat

You will need

  • a 3 pack of those little square aluminum pans roughly 8x8
  • a steel bowl, fairly large
  • a plastic spatula
  • Japenese mandolin

Set the oven 375 degrees

  • 1 medium sizes onion small dice
  • 5 Russet potatoes peeled
  • 3 cloves of garlic, smashed and mashed really fine, be sure to pull out any of the germ that may have sprouted
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 10 to 15 turns of a peppermill
  • 12 oz of heavy cream
  • 4 oz by weight of asiago or parmesean cheese, grated.

Add everything but the potatoes into the bowl and mix well.

Slice the potatoes very thin on the mandolin. Be careful.

Add the potatoes as you slice them to the mixture and mix really well.

Put the spuds in the pan, spray it with veg spray first and double up the pan for extra thickness, try and have the potatoes lie as flat as possible. Be sure to press them into the corners. See photo above!

Cover with plastic wrap then aluminum foil

Into the oven for 90 minutes

After 90 minutes take off the cover and back in the oven for 10 minutes

Remove from oven and put a piece of wax paper or plastic wrap back over the potatoes

Put the last clean pan on top (they do come in a three pack) and fill with heavy cans to weight down the potatoes. I use canned tomatoes.

Into the fridge overnight or 4 hours

Next day remove the weights and unmold

To unmold cut around the edge with a paring knife and heat up the bottom over a flame for 10 seconds the flip out onto cutting board.

Cut into 4 equal squares then cut each square into a triangle

To reheat but into hot oven for 15 minutes. They also nuke pretty well but don't get the color.