Foodie Fight

I have been selected to participate in Battle Rhubarb & Coriander by the blog site Foodie Fight. Myself and five other blawggers will submit a post to our respective sites. Winner will be determined by a panel of judges and votes from viewers. Here is what the judges are looking for:

Judging Criteria

Most Important: Which would you rather eat?

Also Important: Creativity - Is it an original recipe? Did they make something unexpected?

Less Important but still Important: Is it a good overall Blog post? Is the method explained well? Is there humor? Good photography?


Check out Foodie Fight for all the details and be sure to vote for your favorite on Tuesday May 5, Cinco de Mayo after High Noon but before too much tequilla. Winner will be announced on Thursday with a parade on Friday followed by a visit to the White House before being whisked off to Disney World. Quite a prize for a little blog.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom, Gerry