Localvore Week

this is about as local as it gets

How often do you get to use 2007 word of the year? Locavore or localvore, your choice both mean the same thing. Eating local food, seasonal food. In this part of Vermont we put health care, war and baseball on back burners for a week. This week is the Locavore Challenge. The challenge is to eat more local food. It's a pretty simple task. If you ate none last year, eat some this year. If you ate a lot last year, share some with me.

I signed up to eat a meal a day. There are all kinds of rules and bylaws you can follow. I follow this one. Try to have as many calories as possible come from Vermont or nearby. We are within a 100 miles of New York, New Hampshire, Quebec and pretty close to northern Massachusetts as well. To help me I purchased the Starter Kit from our local localvores locally at the Farmers Market. I have some sunflower oil, grains, flour and even dried cranberries. I like the challenge of cooking anything with weird restrictions. Makes you think and work a little harder. Next week I won't cook anything that begins with a vowel. Now that's a challenge.

Here was tonites menu

Seasonal Greens with Cortland apples, dried cranberries & pumpkin seeds

Slow roast Yak with cracked peppercorns and red wine reduction. Roast potatoes, braised leeks and grilled summer squash

Here is where it came from

Gaylord Farm, 2 miles away,for all the veggies and lettuce

Vermont Yak Farm, 4 miles away in Waitsfield for the roast

Locavore Starter Kit, all over Vermont,for my cranberries, oil and vinegar

Boyden Farms Winery, about 40 miles away, Riverbend Red for the sauce and a splash for the cook.

This is easy stuff. Go find that food grown near you and eat some. And avoid any fast food joint the features the word "Extreme"