Still Locavore Week

my wife calls this chicken on chicken

My second salvo fired over the bow of the mighty industrial food complex. Tonite I made a fancy chicken stuffed with a chicken forcemeat, cider braised wheatberries and sauteed kale & carrots. Besides a pinch of this and that plus a small handful of pistachios this is pure Vermont.

Let's talk chicken

I love chicken. It is my life's dream to teach everyone how to cut up a whole bird. It's easy and you stop eating boneless skinless tasteless chicken breast. I pulled the chicken skin off in one piece. Very similiar to helping a sleepy child  change into PJ's. Next I removed both breasts and legs. I turned the leg into a mousse seasoned with some leeks left from last nite, pistachios, a little cream and seasoning. Wrap it all back up in the skin and you have a boneless chicken straight from the boneless chicken ranch.

After I smooth the mousse out I roll it and tie it. It will hold together and cook evenly. If anyone is really interested in doing this let me know and I will do a blow by blow with photos for you. It's really cool to do this at Thanksgiving. Easy to carve and easy to eat.

Today's Farmers

Misty Knoll Chicken, New Haven VT

Gaylord Farm, Waitsfield and my incredible CSA

State Line Farm, Bennington VT for some very sunflowery sunflower oil

Cold Hollow Cider, Waterbury VT

Monument Farm Dairy

Buy local, get a CSA, don't buy food that has a lot of packaging, be nice. Hit me back if you want to learn about the chicken. Or wait until Turkey Day and I'll show you then. G