Locavore Two-fer

leftovers for lunch

I have been on the road the past few days making my challenge of one meal a day a little tricky. Plan your work, work your plan.

My lunch today was a local hash & egss made with the trimmings from my potatoes, pickled beets, carrots, onions and leftover Yak. I steamed the potatoes and crisped them up in sunflower oil and butter, add remaining ingredients and bake for awhile. I added two eggs and baked for another 5 minutes.

Breakfast yesterday morning was my Oatmeal Pancake post from a while back. I subbed out maple sugar for brown sugar (use less maple than brown), local dried cranberries for blueberries and i used the oats and whole wheat flour from my starter kit. Smoothered with VT Butter & Cheese butter and maple syrup these puppies kept me going until I could get a Sabbrett hot dog in Times Square around 2:30 yesterday. Proof that local food last's longer

After jetting in and out of Manhattan & Brooklyn yesterday it's even easier to appreciate what we have up here. Buy local, do good work and help the little guy, Peace, G