Locavore Meal # 5

My kitchen is a mess. My CSA is still in bags on the table, we just got back from a brief trip with luggage and  other peripherals and  produce we picked up  from a big farm in the Banana Belt (Essex, VT).  Not to mention some non-locavore staples from Costco. I love their frozen fish.

Anyhoo I need to sort thru and make dinner. A warm wilted spinach and kale salad with bacon lardons and sweet onions, warm cucumbers & tomatoes topped with a deep fried poached egg, breaded with cornmeal is my plan. It worked. A great salad with a vinaigrette using my leftover red wine reduction from Monday's Yak dinner, bacon drippings and a touch of Balsamic. Local Balsamic depending on where you live in Italy.

The breaded and fried egg added  texture and is easier than you think. Poach an egg and submerge in cold water to chill. Dry off the egg and dredge in flour, dip in egg and roll in breadcrumbs. To deep fry at home I keep oil I use only for frying in an old milk bottle. I add the oil to a heavy pan, heat the oil on a burner so it loses its chill then put in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes. The oil goes back on a burner with low to moderate heat and I'm ready to fry. Remember to not overfill your pan and to be careful moving hot oil. It splashes it ignites it burns. It sounds evil but makes food soooo good.

Local Ingredients spinach,kale.eggs,onions,red wine, sunflower oil, tomatoes, cucumbers, bacon, whole wheat flour, cornmeal

Non Local Ingredients Balsamic, sea salt, pepper, panko

Enjoy, be nice and cook like you mean it, G

Some guy in Kansas killed another person who cut him off while he was driving. Be nice, you never know how the person next to you did when it was time to learn coping skills.