Local Soup,Too Easy

Hustle home from work early and I find my wife....................making scrambled eggs. Oh no. I guess dinner together is out for tonite but I still need another entry in my Locavore Challenge. Soup is good, soup is wise and crazy easy to make.

I took a quart of nice chicken stock and added some well scrubbed potatoes. I used just enough so I can see them.

I simmer until tender (Aga owners about 30 minutes with lid in Roasting Oven) and puree in a blender. While that's cooking I rummage my veggie drawer and find, leeks, carrots, zukes an onions. I cut and wash 2 leeks, half goes in the simmering pot of stock and spuds. I dice and sweat all the remaining vegetables. Add the pureed stock mixture with sweaty veggies and simmer a bit, 10 minutes to let the flavors meet and get acquainted. Remember season as you go, should have put that reminder a little closer to the top. My bad. Add a little dairy product if you want. I like the smooth texture of the pureed potato. Cream like. I used a little whip cream to garnish mine with a fancy restaurant swirl of some smoked paprika oil. Just to show off for the camera. I have to do something to make you read the post.

Local food score for this dish 99, Food from away score 1. Local food wins in a landslide!

the "ber" months are the official start to soup season. Best get going. Peace, G