Locavore Challenge D-U-N

and you don't have to do it alone

I signed up for 7 meals during the our Valleys annual challenge to eat closer to home. I was off by a day but did an extra meal as penance. I made a breakfast with our local oats, maple and dried cranberries. Dinner was an upgrade from last nites soup. I added breakfast sausage and wilted beet greens in a nice mound in the center of the bowl. Grilled a few slices of Red Hen and a salad from Gaylords CSA share with the oil and vin from my starter kit. D-U-N spells done.

This was not hard. I recycled my meals a bit but I do that anyways. Who makes soup and doesn't eat it until it's gone? Misty Knoll chickens are in the meat case. My CSA and Starter Kit did the rest. I could make this more of a challenge. Or not.

The goal is to get a critical mass of people moving in the same direction. Toward better healthier food. To connect with neighbors, share and contribute to something bigger than yourself. It's easier to sway others when you can quantify. Add my family to the role call.  Peace, G