Peach Melba (semi locavore)

big sweet Amish peaches in the last of summer's sunlight

We eat ice cream sundaes on Sunday at my house. We put them off a day this week so we could end the summer with a classic or was it to celebrate the new season of DWTS? I found some of the best raspberries at Mazza's Farmstand along with these big Amish peaches. I left my ice cream maker at work so a little Ben & Jerry's vanilla has to do. Vanilla has always been one of the ice cream giant's better flavors. I have no proof other than my palate but I believe they are giving us more air per pint then they used to. How nice for them.

Simple flavors treated well. Here's what I did.

Raspberry Sauce in a non reactive pan add the juice of a big lemon wedge and a tablespoon of sugar. Put on moderate heat and add a pint of picked over raspberries (this is a good use for frozen berries you put up). Using a wooden spoon stir the berries together just until the sugar is dissolved and the berries give up their liquid. Pass the berries thru a fine mesh strainer using a spatula to push all the flesh and juice thru leaving the seeds behind. Be patient and work it. Serves two to eight.

Poached Peaches in a non reactive pan make some simple syrup using a 3:1 ratio of water to sugar. I needed six cups of water for mine. OK class using our ratio I just mentioned how much sugar did I need? Everyone who said two cups sit up straight and pat yourself on the back. I added some cracked black peppercorns (8-10) and star anise (2-3). Bring the syrup to simmer to dissolve the sugar. Add your whole washed peaches with an X in the non stem end to promote easier peeling into the pot. Bring back to a simmer and cook 8 minutes. Aga Owners can simply put a lid on the pan and into the Baking Oven for 10 minutes. Let cool on a rack and peel. To serve make a slice following the natural line on the stem end and twist the two halves gently in both hands. Like an avocado.

The rest is up to you. The peaches are great in oatmeal, a salad, with pork. The raspberry sauce freezes very well and is a great addition to a pan sauce, prosecco, home brew or a vinaigrette.

Cook like you mean it and be nice, G