You think I forgot about you?

No chance! Busy with holiday party and holiday business. Caught my breath, took the dog out for a long ski and now I'm ready to get back to sharing the nonsense that is AgaKitchen. Today is the 1 year anniversary of this little blog. I started it to help pass the time while Sgt Nooney was in Afgannyland making blankets of freedom. Those blankets are so warm and cozy I hope W. and rest of the neocons got one for whatever holiday they celebrate. I think Cheney celebrates Deferment Day. He's lucky. He celebrates three times a year. I digress again, sorry. After a year I learned plenty about myself and enjoyed all the feedback. With the help of Strunk & White my prose even taok a turn for the better now & then.

Anywho. Schwinerschnitzel tonite as soon as my wife gets home to run the camera,

Peace, always, for everybody, G