Back to Work

Busy busy busy. No time for my blog. Do want to hear all my reasons I failed to get a post in quite some time? Too bad. Here they are, in no order: Went to LA to pick up our son for the holidays. Had lots of company over the holidays and cooked many meals for many friends and family. Christmas in a ski town when you are the chef at a ski area is quite hectic as well as all the company. I got a bad case of the flu with all the company and all the work. I followed that up with our Governors Inaugural Ball the week after New Years. Between work, family, holidays, fancy Governors Ball and my on going cold I worked myself right into quite a state. Took me a week to recover from all of that and then a week to really feel better. Then once I felt like my old self I was seriously behind on my skiing which I have now caught up on.

That's it, time to get back on the Aga. I have a good post coming Monday at the latest.

Peace, Gerry