Crispy Potatoes Aga Style

Some variation on this potato has been around for decades. These are made for the Aga. They will be crispier and creamier than any conventional oven can imagine. I prefer Yukon Gold but really anyone will do. They make a perfect base for protein to rest upon. We had them with my Roast Chicken Stuffed with 40 Wild Leeks, some natural juices from the bird and nice fresh zucchini and squash. Simple, light and healthy.

They can be steamed ahead of time and refrigerated for 3 days before the final cooking. Plan ahead, have a little time, steam some potatoes.

Preheat your oven to 450, just kidding. These use the Roasting Oven but I have had success in the Baking Oven. They just took longer.

Let's see how this went down in the Aga Kitchen

Crispy Potatoes Aga Style

Gather up these tools and ingredients, don't forget your timer

  • sheet pan with bak-o-glide and a 3 liter pot with a nice fitting lid
  • 4 washed Yukon Gold Potatoes skin on
  • sea salt & bay leaf
  • herbs or spices of your choice, I used a spicy Cajun blend
  • olive oil or any vegetable oil

In an appropriate sized pot cover potatoes with cold salted water.

Bring to a boil over the Boil Plate

Drain almost all the water off, cover and into the Baking Oven for about 40 minutes with the rack on the floor. This is for a fist sized potato, smaller ones quicker, bigger ones longer. A sharp tipped knife should slide in easily with little resistance. Better to be over cooked then under.

On the large sheet pan put down a generous amount of oil, sprinkle with sea salt and spice.

Put the potato on the sheet pan and flatten down with your hand.

Sprinkle with oil, more salt and spice

On the floor of the Roasting Oven for 15 minutes. no rack

Slide into the top rung of the Roasting Oven and brown the tops another 10 minutes or so.

Easy breezy and great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.