Sirloin on the Floor

Isn't there a 30 second rule when food falls on the floor?

With such a catchy title I figure I better draw you in with a snazzy photo. How'd I do? Still interested? Want to know more? Like why did I bother trying to cook a perfectly fine cut of beef on the floor of my oven? Because I could that's why. Just pushing the limit and seeing what happens. In this case a perfectly cooked steak. The down side is you get no pan to make a sauce in with all the lovely bits stuck to the bottom. I still managed to make a sauce with the drippings while the meat rested.

This was pretty easy to pull off. I used some smoky sea salt and seasoned the meat a few hours earlier. It was left uncovered in the fridge so it could dry out a little as well. Thirty minutes before cooking I brought it up to room temp. Right before cooking I rubbed a little brown sugar and pepper on the beef. Always planning and thinking ahead.

Let's see how this went down in the Aga Kitchen. 

Sirloin on the Floor

Gather up these tools and ingredients

  • an Aga with a Roasting Oven, rack set on the highest rung
  • 2 nice sirloin steaks, I used a NY strip from my local IGA
  • coarse sea salt, smoked if you have it but don't let that keep you from trying this
  • 2 Tablespoons or so of brown sugar
  • fresh ground pepper to taste

Season with salt and let rest in fridge for a few hours

Sprinkle steaks with a light layer of brown sugar and black pepper to taste

Wipe off the floor of Roasting Oven to remove any debris

Put steaks on floor.

I cooked mine about 3 to 4 minutes a side for medium rare. Every steak is different so try the same procedure you use when outdoor grilling to determine doneness.

Be sure to let the steaks rest before serving.