Two-egg Omlette

Crazy! Everyone knows an omlette is made with three eggs. Especially the Egg Board. They think a four egg omlette is the future. Between the eggs, butter and cheese there is no shortage of calories in this meal. I'm a fan of the fluffy omlette with little browning of the eggs. Let's press on and see what happened in the Aga Kitchen.

Note to self: Very first thing, get your pan in the Warming Oven

Before beating, barely 4 ounces                       After a good beating, almost 7 ounces

Let's gather up what we need. This takes about 5 minutes once the cooking starts.

  • A steel bowl, good whisk. heat proof rubber spatula and your favorite egg pan. I use a cast iron non stick Aga pan in Racing Green. 
  • Two eggs
  • Clarified butter, you can just use regular butter but it will brown a little and give you a nutty flavor. Not really a bad thing
  • Pan spray
  • Cheese and other fillings, your choice. I went with shallots, cheddar and Pico de Gallo

Whisk the eggs for two minutes or so until almost doubled in volume

Put the egg pan on the Simmer Plate and spray with non stick veg coating then add the butter

Swirl it all around so it's coating the pan evenly

Add eggs slow and steady into the center of the pan

As the eggs set (approx 20 seconds) run your spatula around the edges to loosen

Add your fillings

Into the Roasting Oven for two minutes or until it's firm to the touch

Remove pan from oven and loosen omlette with rubber spatula

Pick up the pan from underneath the handle and slide omlette onto a warm plate. Roll it or fold it, your choice.

Top with addtional cheese or garnish and into the Simmer or Warming Oven while you prepare your next one.

Trust me, no one will know you only used two eggs except the president of the Egg Council

Easy, breezy and one less broken egg to be worried about.

Next time we cook coffee beans!