Batter Fries Chicken

notice the nice browning on the edges, time to flip

Reader Bertie is having some trouble pan frying. There are issues with the pan being too hot (Boil Plate) or too cold (Simmer Plate). Let's start by taking the rack off the floor of the Roasting Oven and putting the sauté pan on the floor. Let it preheat for a good thirty minutes while you do other cooking related tasks like drinking wine, peeling shallots, drinking wine or drinking wine. You can pan fry using the 100/0 Rule but it requires a little more OCD than usual. Skip the Simmer Plate and work everything off the floor of the oven

  • Thin medallions of chicken breast
  • 3 eggs mixed with 3 oz of shredded Gruyere cheese
  • parsley
  • oil for frying

Pull pan from oven and onto the Simmer Plate. Add enough oil so there is a tin layer. Better too little oil than too much, easy to add more, hard to take away.

Once the oil begins to shimmer it's hot enough. Slowly add your product making sure any splash goes away from you. You can also tilt the pan so the oil can't splash on you.

Leave the product alone, hard I know. If you move it too soon you can tear the breading or batter.  Let it set and begin to brown on the edges. Once it's set give it a little movement to make sure the heat is evenly distributed. Usually no problem with an Aga and a quality pan.

Once the edges are golden brown,  3 to 5 minutes, flip the product, again being careful not to splash hot oil. Put pan back into the Roasting Oven on the floor until product is fully cooked.  It takes roughly twice as long in the oven as it was on the burner. Thicker chicken or fish may take longer. Use good judgement, always, in everything, especially voting. I digress again, apologies.


is that lemon butter over that lightly battered chicken cutlet?