O2X Summit Challenges

that's me getting ready to scramble up some greasy rocksThe O2X Summit Challenge Series has nothing to do with cooking or Aga ranges. But it did help me live a better life, challenge some ideas, meet new friends and get better connected with old ones. Kind of like my Aga.

O2X is a base to summit foot race series with the three cool New England states and Windham NY getting a race . The twist is the use of natural terrain features to challenge your mental and physical fitness. It appeals to the type of person who enjoys the very popular obstacle course racing format made famous by Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash etc etc. I don't think I'm that kind of person. If I was these guys ruined me. There will be no crawling under barbed wire, or carrying buckets of rocks in my future. I'm an au naturel kind of fellow.

Others will write about the different course features, the pain and suffering, the great fireside chats or the family vibe they've created at Base Camp. Some will talk about the fact they don't nickel and dime you at every turn. For me this series was about feeling good. I did the first race at Sugarbush, my home, because I wanted to support the O2X community. I liked these guys and wanted to help them succeed. I don't run, I don't train to run, I can barely spell run. I do love to climb so off I went, hiking boots and work pants on I trudged up Mt Ellen and loved every minute of it. I felt good.

Long story short I travelled to two more races, got some running shoes, met some great people and did things I didn't think I would / could do. After the last race we all wished there was "just one more" before the snow flies. 

Life is pretty short. Best to fill as much time as you can surrounded by people that make you happy and push you to be the best version of you that you can be.

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Jen at the top of a rock outcroppingAudrey making the steeps look easy

More food talk in couple days, my friend gave me a great idea ofr a twist on hollandaise and poached eggs.

Thanks for reading to the bottom, Gerry