Poached Chicken Thighs

 a little mire poix

a little mire poix

Life Rule #1. Never buy chicken or fish from the deep discount bin.

Life Rule #2. Fear nothing

I ignored Rule #1 and opted in for Rule #2. and purchased boneless chicken thighs for $4.00 from the Manager's Special section. Best get right to it. We use a lot of cooked chicken at our house so no worries. The tender juicy dark meat is superior to breast meat in most applications. I also needed some chicken broth for a end of winter batch of Hungarian Goulash.

Chicken is safe to eat 165 degrees Fahrenheit. For my taste I like thighs to cook a little longer and have an internal temp of 190 - 195 F. The thighs tenderness improves when they spend an extended period of time in between 140-190 degrees. The Aga Roasting Oven is made for this. Total cooking time is an hour with 30 minutes spent in the sweet spot.

 swimming in broth

swimming in broth


Let's see how this went down in the Agakitchen. Gather up these ingredients

  • A pack of boneless skinless chicken thighs, mine weighed 4.05 lb..
  • Some medium diced veggies, I used a little fennel top, carrot and onion with a bay leaf
  • 2 quarts water
  • 2 teaspoon kosher salt

Now do as I say.

  • Add your chopped up veggies to your full size roasting pan.
  • Add raw chicken thighs to veggies, spread them out a little because sometimes the butcher rolls them up for better presentation.
  • Sprinkle with salt, add a bay leaf if you have one.
  • Into the Roasting Oven with the rack on the floor.
  • Add the water
  • Slide an inverted sheet pan over the roasting pan to create a lid
  • Set timer for 60 minutes or 1 hour, your choice.
  • Timer goes beep, carefully out of the oven, try not to spill.
  • Check temperature, use good judgement

Take the thighs out of the broth and let cool then pull them apart. Strain the broth and save the veggies. They taste great with a little flaky salt (chef's treat).

Here's a couple of ideas on what you can do with the approximately 2 lb. of cooked meat: Asian Chicken Soup or a Chicken Pot Pie or Dirty Mayor Chicken or Chicken Hash or Chicken Salad or cold with your fingers while you're looking through the fridge trying to figure out what to eat / cook.