Make Some Noise with Your Pots & Pans

I said I could cook anything on a sheet pan and I mean it, bacon and eggs with a side of red cabbage

 I did all that on one pan at one time, the eggs did't even stick and i got bacon fat mixed in with everything.

I love 'em, I just don't use

Here's a look at what I use everyday in the Agakitchen. Above are my big old expensive built to last a lifetime Le Creuset collection. Great quality but just too heavy. The gentle even cooking of the Aga cancels out the biggest attribute of these world class pans.

Aga roasting pans rule

I use my Roasting Pans and Sheet Pans for everything. Above is a fish soup with bok choy, haddock and shrimp in a ginger lime infused broth. Photo on the top left is same soup with the sheet pan acting as the lid.

Bottom left is Zucchini Risotto, the bigger surface area of the Roasting Pan helps with evaporation and concentrating flavors. On the right is braised red cabbage with leeks and radishes.

This is my pot rack, I have one bigger stock pot in a cabinet along with lids. Notice the one Aga cast iron skillet in the middle. It has some non stick surface on it that's been pretty bullet proof. The rest are either Cuisinart or an All-Clad knock off.

This is my custom rack I had built for my Aga Roasting Pans and Aga Sheet Pans. Pretty handy.

Cheers, Gerry