Real Time Turkey Cooking

no need to brine, just add salt the nite before 

Taking a page out of the hit show 24 I'll do a real time blow by blow diary of me cooking a turkey in my Aga. Won't help you much this year unless you said "I bet Gerry's going to do a real time blog of turkey cooking". For the record no one has ever queried my blog looking for turkey instructions. 

My plan is to have the bird ready for 6PM

Not to mention my thermocoupler died last nite. Luckily I got it replaced this morning before the big snow settled in. If I was a blogging wh**e I'd mention the company that came and fixed it and then squeeze him for some discount on my bill. I'm not, plus most of my readers are from across the pond and he doesn't travel that far. Thanks anyways to David Aseltine and Classic Cookers from Middlesex Vermont, he is a true Aga advocate.

2:13 PM Thanksgiving Eve: I remove turkey from it's packaging and dry off. I remove wing tips. I brown the neck and wings in Roasting Oven. This is the beginning of making stock for gravy and basting. I salt the bird with fine sea salt inside and out and leave uncovered in the fridge.

3:15 Pm Thanksgiving Eve: Turkey parts roasted, I add mire poix to pan and roast, deglaze pan with water and into a pot, cover with 6 cups water, parsley, bay leaf and peppercorns. Into the Simmer Oven overnite.

4:19 PM Thanksgiving Eve: Stuffing is all set, just follow the instructions on the bag or make your own. The Aga Simmer Oven will dry out your bread nicely and still hold some shape. I added to much homemade sausage so had to nibble at it until the ratio was right. 8" and snowing hard, don't think we'll get to the Ullr's Bonfire tonite.

7:39AM T-Day: Turkey got stuffed, front and rear. Extra stuffing in a greased pan. Big Bird is upside down on the roasting rack. back in the fridge until High Noon. Time to head off to work. My lovely assistant will start the cooking.

11:15 AM T-Day: New plan , Big Bird is in the Baking Oven for 1 hour upside down. Timer goes beep and my wife move's it into Simmer Oven still upside down.

1:15 PM T-Day: I get home from work, flip Big Bird and back into baking Oven, set timer for 1 hour.

2:30 ish PM T-Day: Timer goes beep and Big Bird is all cooked. Besides cooking it to the proper internal temperature (155 carrying to 165) resting the bird is key. Mine's just above my Simmer Plate on my custom rack which I am very thankful for. Time for a pre feast nap.