Let's Roast Coffee


I swear this is the last time I bump this to the top. It's so worth experimenting with for Aga owner's. The direct vent in each oven, the constant heat source and the fact, yes fact, that we are better then average cooks are great reasons for you to try this.

This is a great holiday gift for loved ones, try this, trust me.

I was asked if I had any luck roasting coffee beans in the Aga a few weeks back. I loooovvvve coffee almost as much as I love......never mind, no need to compare levels of love. It will only lead to hurt feelings and unnecessary explanations.

The internet is full of green bean coffee sites. Amazon has some quality green beans as does Sweet Maria's. One of  my favorite Jonathan Edwards songs and an easy to navigate, informative venue. A few clicks and the 4 lb sample roaster was on its way.

My personal choice is roast a few different beans and blend together, currently I'm working a Columbian Supremo with a Costa Rican bean that I love. Roast each bean separately and combine. I purchased these green beans via Amazon. 

Armed with just enough info to be dangerous I hit the coffee roaster trail. After a year or so of roasting I learned a few things.

Let's see how this went down in the Aga Kitchen

Gather up these ingredients and equipment. Takes about 30 minutes start to finish.

  • Green coffee beans
  • Aga sheet pan
  • colander
  • timer

On the top rung of the Roasting Oven preheat the sheet pan for a minimum of 30 minutes

Add 2 cups of green beans and quickly back into the Roasting Oven, top rung.. Set timer for 4 minutes

Timer goes beep, out come the beans, shake the beans, rotate the pan around and back into oven for 7 minutes

Timer goes beep, out come the beans, shake the beans, flip pan around and back into oven for 7 minutes. You should hear them start to crack. It's important to get them back into oven quickly.

Now the beans are cracking and smoking and the oil and steam are making your kitchen smelly and your having second thoughts about how this will work out. Stupid Agakitchen guy, I'll never listen to him again

Timer goes beep, out come the beans, shake the beans flip pan around and back into oven for 7 minutes.

Now you are near the end, do they have a little sheen? Do they look dark like what you buy? If not go a little longer. If they look good put them outside if possible and onto a new sheet pan to cool as quickly as possible.

Once cooled put them in a colander and toss in the air and hit with a hair dyer set to "cool" (no heat). This will blow the chaff off the beans. Store uncovered for at least 3 hours while they vent. You will do no harm by venting longer. 

According to my friend Michelle, who has forgotten more about coffee then I know, day 3 after roasting is peak. day 10 is too long. Roast early, roast often.

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