Chicken Skin Crisps aka Chicken Bacon



I am not sure who the mother of all invention is but the Aga certainly makes me try some strange things. While making my Boiled Chicken for a batch of soup this hit me.

"What would happen if I saved the skin from the boiled chicken, salted it and put it on a sheetpan and into the top of the Simmer Oven?"

Now I know. After 3 hours or so you will end up with beautifully crisp, salty chicken skin. Way good! Just maybe not an everyday snack.

Baby greens, apples & chicken skin crisps with honey viniagrette

Update 7 November

I tried his again but with raw skin. Three hours on the top rung of the Simmer Oven produced a lighter golden brown and crispy throughout. A fantastic addtion to a salad course or maybe a CS,L & T sandwich. Here's a look before they hit the oven. You really should try this.