Olive Powder

my egg poaching is really on point today, 4 minutes in Roasting Oven with a lid.
Cleaning out my fridge I came across a bottle of kalamata olives that has been taking up space for quite some time. Olive powder pops up from time to time in vegan cooking and as an umami bomb in fine cooking. This a match made for the Aga.
I drained the olives, onto a sheetpan and into the Simmer Oven overnite. The empty jar sat on the counter as a reminder when I got up in the AM. They were in the oven a solid 8 hours.
Next I drank some coffee and let the olives cool to room temperature. A mortar and pestle worked great for grinding into powder. Store them in a glass jar with a little paper towel on the bottom to grab any excess moisture.
They look like little bits of truffles so I went with it and pretended to use like a truffle which are also umami rich. Poached eggs, asparagus and some olive powder with a little shaved cheese. Outstanding. 
The colors wash out a little and it's easy to go overboard. Use sparingly. I can see this giving a nice boost to beef stew, hidden underneath a piece of fish with a little butter sauce, topping for mac & cheese or a sprinkling on a quick tomato sauce.