Two new kitchen friends

You get spoiled when anything comes into your life that is world class. Maybe it's a champion athlete or concert level pianist. For most of us reading this it's our Aga. In a quest to eliminate non world class stuff from my life I've added a couple of new kitchen items worth sharing.

The Turk Skillet...a German made iron skillet that is scratch free, cut free, stick free and one of the most versatile pans ever. I've baked a cake in it, scrambled eggs, roast chicken, vegetables. This is world class last a lifetime cookware. I plan on living to 110 and am confident this pan and my Aga will go the distance. Buy one and follow instructions. Skip the pan with the long handle, waste of space in the Aga. Love the cool looking cross hatches. 


Moccamaster Coffee Maker...I roast my own beans and have gotten better at it. Why not move up to the finest coffee machine. Made in the Netherlands and like the Aga the simplicity and well thought out functionality make this a star. This brewer will pull flavors out your beans that you've only heard of. All those crazy cupping notes like burnt grapefruit and lingering jasmine finish and will come to life, in a good way. It has no fancy features just a perfect cup every time. Next I'm working on making my own water, simple enough recipe, two parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen, how hard can it be.

Trust me, Google these things and see what people have to say about them. They'll look at home next to your Aga.


Cheers, Gerry