Corned Beef Season!

Beef brisket is one of my favorite cuts. It's currently pricey and takes a long time to cook. That's an unusal phenomenom. Typically the quicker something cooks (think tenderloin) the more it costs. I'll take a good brisket over filet mignon most days. Very few absolutes.

In the States you can get your brisket alreday cured or you can DIY. Curing on your own takes time and a bit of space in the icebox. Poke around the web, plenty will give you advice on how to cure if you choose that route. The hot link is particurly good like most things that Ruhlman makes.

Let's get this beef cooking. I'm assuming your have a flat cut that weighs around 3 lbs.

  • Rinse the meat and pat dry
  • Heat up 2 qts of water with a few tablespoons of pickling spice.
  • Use your small roasting pan, add meat and hot water
  • Into the Baking Oven with the rack on the floor, use your small sheetpan as a lid
  • Check after 2 1/2 hours, insert a dinner fork, if there is little resistance your good.
  • Let it rest with a foil tent
  • Use the strained braising liquid to cook your veggies. A few wedges of cabbage, carrots and potatotes in the big Roasting pan will take about 20 minutes. The perfect amount of resting time.
  • Slice and serve