Pancakes in the Aga

 A while back I posted a reminder about making maple syrup in your Aga. The nice folks at Aga Cookers commented on FB that they have the Simmer Plate ready for pancakes. Not so fast says Agakitchen. I can show you how to cook 12 pancakes at once and follow my 100/0 Rule.  Let's see how this went down in Agakitchen.

A while ago I posted a reminder to get ready for maple syrup season. My friends at Aga Cookers said they would get the Simmer Plate ready to cook some pancakes. Not so fast! I can show you how to cook 12 pancakes at a time a still follow my 100/0 Rule. 

Let's see how this went down in Agakitchen

Start by preheating your sheetpan in the Roasting Oven

Next prepare your pancake batter, your choice but make sure it's not to thin

Remove pan, prepare with a little non-stick spray and add about 1/2 cup of batter. See photo above

Into Roasting Oven, set timer for 3 minutes

Timer goes beep, out of oven and flip. See photo below. Set timer for 3 minutes and back into Roasting Oven. Use good judgement, if you have a light batter it may take less time.

Don't forget the bacon

This only makes 6, to do 12 use two pans, easy breezy.