Five Pound Zucchini Casserole (Aga Style)


Hit them before they can hit you. That's my motto. At least when it comes to putting a dent in the mountain of green and yellow squash that's about to take hold of gardens and farmstands. Follow these easy steps and you can shrink 5lbs of squash down to a couple of cups of compact essence. This will freeze well and is versatile. I make a bunch of different GBAS (Gerry's Big A** Salads), muffins, breads, fritters, omelets and on and on.

The kicker is to make this stuff taste like zucchini. Not like fried stuff or stewed with garlic and tomatoes stuff. Like zucchini stuff. I know, what a trick. I made zucchini taste like zucchini. I like zucchini.

Tonite I mixed it with roast corn and black eyed peas (sans Fergie) and juice of a lime. Served it with some Country Style Pork Ribs Aga Style. Leftovers will become a cold salad or a warm breakfast.

cut out the punky center and seeds

Here we go

  • 5 lb zukes, quartered and center seeds and punky center removed and grated with a medium blade
  • 1 onion small dice
  • sea salt
  • oil
  • a little cream or butter (optional)

In a wide heavy bottomed pot sweat the onion (click for an Aga Trick) in a little oil

Add the zukes and season with sea salt

Over medium low heat cook stirring often with no scorching. Do this until all the liquid has evaporated. A good way to tell how much liquid is left is by how much steam it makes. More liquid more steam, less liquid less steam. The more you cook it the more intense the flavor. Move the pan around a little and adjust the heat from time to time to keep you from getting hot spots on the pan.

Aga Owners Only  Skip the above and put the pan in the Baking Oven and stir every hour or so. It will take about 3 hours. Use the same guidelines for doneness.

To finish add a little butter, cream or EVOO

This is the finished product. Looks goo.., interesting doesn't it?

It really is better than it looks. Try it mixed with equal parts cooked orzo topped with grilled vegetables and a Balsamic reduction. That's fancy gastropub cooking there.

Next day I made a version of a Toad in a Hole by baking the eggs in the oven.