Boiling Water


Boiling water is a great introduction into life with an Aga.  With some planning and forethought we can harness the energy stored in the ovens. The Aga Heat Retention Cooker is often maligned for being an inefficient energy hog. My experience is the opposite. Fuel consumption decreased while my culinary enjoyment increased. Remember my 100/0 Rule and do your best to abide.

Let's see how we boil 10 cups of water in the Agakitchen. Typical amount for a pot of pasta or cooking some whole grain.

  • Put the rack in the Roasting Oven on top rung or remove all together if your pot won't fit. We will be using the floor of the oven
  • Fill your pot with cold tap water and put on a tight fitting lid.
  • Into the Roasting Oven on the floor.
  • In 30 minutes your water will be close to boiling. 


Lessons learned:

  • Give yourself time, with proper planning we can avoid wasteful energy losses.
  • Don't get stuck just leaving your rack on the floor. Lot's of temperature variations in each oven, it's up to us to find them.

Cook with confidence.