Pasta, how to cook

Cooking pasta is too easy in an Aga. I actually haven't figured out why it works so perfectly but it does. Good thing we went over how to boil water earlier. Pasta cooks from the inside out so a good rolling boil of salty water is key.

Here's how we do this at Agakitchen. Hopefully your kitchen as well.

  • Put a pot of salty water with a tight fitting lid onto the floor of the Roasting Oven to preheat. In thirty minutes it will be close to boiling.
  • When your ready to cook pasta put pot onto the Boiling Plate. The water will boil almost immediately.
  • Add pasta, stir once and back into Roasting or Baking Oven with lid in place, both will work the same. Set your timer following cooking instructions on box of pasta.
  • Timer goes beep and drain as usual.

I suggest not rinsing the pasta. We'll talk more about that later.

Cook with confidence.