"I Have a Kitchen Because It Came With the House"

My sister-in law Norma lives in Rhode Island,one of my favorite states. Narraganset is my favorite all time beach. Sorry Elbow Beach and Panama City Beach. But this is no story about me name dropping the fancy places I've been. It's about Norma. She does not like to cook. I am not even sure if she knows how. Somehow her oldest is a dedicated cook making a living working the New England shoreline. But none of this is funny, let's get to the funny.

Norma has a stove (because it came with the house) with a hood above it. She always wanted to remodel the kitchen and take out the stove and replace it with a comfy chair.

"How nice to have that light overhead to read by and an exhaust fan in case I want to smoke" she said.

That is quite the image. Maybe I can get some furturistic Norman Rockwell to paint a picture of it. Not quite the "ah shucks" imagery of the local barbershop but just as telling.