Scrod Low-retta


I grew up in the Northwest corner of Connecticut and hung out with a chef friend named Harvey. He worked at a little steakhouse in downtown Litchfield. Harv ended up cheffing at this place after a brief stint at the Litchfield Country Club. Not really a country club but the acronym was the same, Litchfield Correctional Center. Apparently you aren't supposed to be married to more than one woman at a time in puritanical New England. Who knew?

Harvey was a 6'4" and I don't know how many pounds Southerner. He came up with all kinds of strange names for food. Kansas City Soup, Lazy Lucy's Lasagna or Cream Puff Crab Etouffe.

One day Harv says to me " Hey Ger, wanna try some of my scrod Low-retta?"

I knew better to ask before tasting after sampling his Kerosene Ketchup.

His inspiration for this dish " Scrod Low-rretta, I named it after a good women gone bad.....jus like the fish"

No thanks, I'll pass.