Sauce Bologna-ese

One of my peers sold his establishment recently. It brought back one my favorite cooking stories.

He and I worked together back in the excessive 80's at a very trendy upscale new American Vermont country inn. That's a mouthful right there. I would run a contest once a year called "The Bologna Cook-off". All the kitchen staff would participate. We had some classics like the Maine Cupped Bologna, ethnic treats like a nice Sweet & Sour Bologna and the cutting edge "Bologna in Three Styles". My favorite recipe came from my friend Michael. The simplicity speaks to his considerable skill set

Here is his recipe, reprinted without his knowledge or consent

Chef Michael Flanagan's Sauce Bologna-ese

  • grind bologna in food processor
  • add tomato paste
  • add hot water to consistency
  • season with traditional spices

That's it. Ready to serve over your favorite pasta. Gotta love the "add hot water" line. He actually made it and we keepers of the haute cuisine of Vermont ate it for staff dinner.